Webservice Configuration Guide

  • Webservice Configuration Guide

    There are several ways to transmit data to and from Mobi Print. The most common is a URL.

    REQUIRED to construct URL
    URL always starts with:


    Followed by Variables (no limit to amount of variables just separate them with a “&”
    • v1=
    • v2=
    • v3=
    • ..etc

    Followed by the source application URL schema (will not need to change this if you use google chrome..if a
    native ios app replace the googlechrome with the registered URL name.


    Complete example of a URL would look like:


    The most common is to use Get parameters to insert your data after the v1=(parameter). These can
    come from databases or forms or whatever connection you choose. Once you have defined your variables
    in your URL, you will call on these variables in your label template that you upload to Mobi Print that
    contains all of your static information on your label format. Example of this would be _var_1_ would be
    used as a placeholder in your printer format code generated in Zebra designer.

    See “Designing and
    uploading label format”
    • URL must be encoded
    • URL must not exceed 2100 variable characters.

    Comments (2)

      • bogdan
      • December 9, 2013 at 11:23 am

      does the URL print mode require internet connexion or it can be done offline?

      • Brent
      • December 9, 2013 at 4:02 pm

      It does not require a internet connection. If you store a label format in mobi, initially you will have to download the label template but once its in there a connection is not needed.

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