Sample Printing From Mobi Print

  • Sample Printing From Mobi Print

    Mobi Print can do a few different methods of printing below are examples of each of the different ways you can print from your iOS device to a Zebra printer.

    Option 1: URL Data Pass

    This function is most commonly used when the format is relatively set and variable data is imported to the same place and around the same size every time. Below is the code format when calling upon a stored format in Mobi Print.


    Test URL Data Pass:


    In order to edit the label you can change the text in the code after each variable (v1,v2,etc).

    To print to this label, my URL would be : arrowhead://x-callback-url/print?v1=one&v2=two&v3=three&selected_format=filename.extension

    To test CLICK HERE

    Option 2: PDF Open In/Image QuickLook
    PDF open/QuickLook is the simplest way to use Mobi Print with minor changes in development. Not much needs to be changed in your current PDF other than adjusting font sizes to look clear when being resized to a two to four inch printer.

    To test visit click HERE then tap your screen and hit the  text “Open In..”  then select Mobi Print. For best output of PDFs and images, we recommend using large fonts (nothing smaller than 14pt) and size it in 8.5×11. In Mobi Print, you should select Resize to page size for best output.

    Option 3: Encoded CPCL/ZPL Files

    These method gives you the most control over the design of your print out. You can create the code using Zebra Designer or a JavaScript library then encode it and send it to Mobi Print in order to have it directly send to your printer.

    arrowhead://x-callback-url/zplcode?code=PASTEENCODEDLABELHERE or

    To test CLICK HERE

    Option 4: JavaScript Sends of Encoded Print Code

    You can make this as visually appealing as you like by make the input method as user-friendly as possible. We have an example of a Web App using this feature HERE and a download of the Zebra JavaScript for development purposes.

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