Mobile Printing from iOS Notes with Mobi Print Pro

  • Mobile Printing from iOS Notes with Mobi Print Pro

    To print a document created in Notes, you will need to download the app *WORKFLOW* from the app store.


    Open the app and follow the instructions for set up. You may be asked to create a PDF or GIF as a test.


    Create a workflow with the + icon or select “create workflow.”



    Click on “Action Extension” to highlight the button, then select “Actions” at the bottom of the page.IMG_2830
    This brings you to a list of things you can do based on what the Workflow app offers. To make a page created in Notes to a PDF for printing, scroll down to documents and find “Make PDF.” NOTE: You must hold down the title and drag it to the right for it to open.

    You should see the image below on your device. Simply click “Done” and it will take you back to the main page.



    From here, click out of the app and open up the document you want to print from Notes. Click on the extension icon in to the top corner.



    A group of icons will pop up. Select the “More” option.

    From here you will see a few options. “Run Workflow” will be at the bottom. Click on the right of it to turn on this function. It will have the green indicator that this option is turned on. Then hit done.


    After selecting done, it will bring you back to the group of options. “Run Workflow” will now be one of the options. Select this icon.


    Selecting “Run Workflow” will bring up the Workflow extension. From this list, select “Make PDF” from the options below.



    The page you created in your notes will appear, in PDF form. Since it is now a PDF, you can select the extension in the corner to print.



    Find the Mobi Print Pro extension and select it. This will send the document to your printer.



    The document is sent to your printer through the Mobi Print Pro extension and you’re done!


    Ready to try it out? If you have any questions please email for support.




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