Portable printer for ipad & Mobi Print

  • Portable printer for ipad & Mobi Print

    Around three years ago, when out team started Mobi Print, there was limited options for printing to a portable printer for iPad, or mobile printer via and iOS/Android device.  Zebra Technologies came out with the imz320, which was a major print industry change as it introduced mFI bluetooth to an industry that had been band-aiding solutions for many years.  Gone was the adhoc mobile work arounds, the lantronix AirPrint hardware, all the hotspot complications were alleviated with mfi bluetooth printing support.  Fast forward to 2015, we now have bluetooth 4.0 devices such as the ZQ510 which has packed in an entire operating system and processor, and the ability to not only print receipts, but labels.

    Whether you need a portable printer for iPad, or simply any iOS device..Mobi Print & scan has revolutionized the “outside the four walls” mobile printing.  Whether its a filemaker app, web app, or a native solution Mobi print has bridged the gap for many developers looking  to implement a scalable  & reliable mobile print platform. With over 40,000 devices currently installed globally, our team is dedicated to providing the best portable printing platform available for iOS devices. And lets not forget our Android app…We expect huge growth in our enterprise product offerings with android.

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