Create PDF Documents To Print Directly With Mobi Print Pro- iOS

  • Create PDF Documents To Print Directly With Mobi Print Pro- iOS

    Similar to printing from the Notes app, this solution will be fast way to print text typed straight into a PDF document. No PDF converter needed! Type out information or use the voice-to-text option on IOS devices and print straight to Mobi Print Pro. See below for instructions:


    1. Download the FREE app “Note’s Writer” to create PDF documents in one step.



    2. Open the app and select the All Notes option to create a document.



    3. Select the plus icon to add a new document.



    4. Select New Note to create a new document or select one of the other from the list to upload a document and edit it within the app.


    5. When the document opens you have the ability to hand type your information or use the voice-to-text option using the microphone icon next the space bar. If you are uploading a document, this is where you will edit the context.


    6. For editing the font or size, select the settings icon below, next to the arrows.



    7. Locate Font Size and use the plus or minus to edit the sizing.

    *** NOTE: The zoom is different than changing the font. The text will get bigger but will not print that way.



    8. When you have finished, select the Extension icon in the top left corner.



    9. Select Final Preview.


    10. This will bring up the final look of the PDF. If you are satisfied with the content, hit the Extension button at the top for printing.



    11. Select the Print with Mobi Print Pro icon below to print directly to your printer without leaving the PDF app.



    12. Your connected printer will display and print automatically.



    You’re text should print similar to the image below and you’re all set! If you have any questions or need more information email us at



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