Mobi Print | Safari Print Extension, iOS 8 Print Extension

  • Mobi Print | Safari Print Extension, iOS 8 Print Extension

    iOS 8 Mobile print extension

    The Mobi Print Team just released a new version that has the iOS 8 Print Extension for Safari. This version allows you to print directly from Safari when you are on a PDF page. Below is some of the steps to get your printing started:

    1) If you have a Bluetooth printer, open up your iOS device’s settings and toggle Bluetooth ON. Next, connect your device to your printer by locating it’s printer model or  serial number in the list of Bluetooth devices. Once it is connected, you are good to go.

    2) Open Mobi Print & go into Printer Set Up. Tap the arrow to the left and hit Search to connect to your WiFi or Bluetooth printers. Find your printer and tap Connect; you should see the red dot switch to green. Next, open the Print icon in the bottom left of the Mobi Print home screen. Please select any resize options or size indicatiors you had on previously.

    3) Open Safari to a PDF such the Mobi Print test PDF. Once open you can hit the Share icon and scroll all the way to the right of the grey icons and select More. You now have iOS 8 Print Extension.


    4) Toggle ON the Print with Mobi Print option so you can see it directly from your Share menu. You can hold it and move it to the first space in the icons for easy access.


    5) You can now hit the Print with Mobi Print icon and print from there.

    iOS 8 Print Extension


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