Mobi Print launches

  • Mobi Print launches

    [blockquote author=”Brent Grandil, Founder” affiliation_url=”” affiliation=”Mobi Print”] It has been a long journey to this day, our app was approved by apple and is now available on the app store!! We think we have built something special here, and first of all want to thank all of our beta testers who helped test and provide feedback to make Mobi Print better. We are busy rolling out tons of features, so look for even more functionality in Mobi Print coming soon.

    Finally, for a short period of time Mobi Print is in the App store for a one time lifetime license of $19.99. In a few weeks Mobi Print will be available free on the app store, and there will be a subscription for a in-app purchase to use Mobi the way you like. (PDF license, interapp sharing..etc)

    Obviously our goal is to keep Mobi as affordable as possible and deliver an app that was developed for the enterprise user, as well as the single user. We love your feedback so please drop us a note with suggestions or comments, our devs will be super happy!

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