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  • Filemaker Configuration Guide

    Filemaker Configuration Guide

    There are currently 4 ways to print from Filemaker with Mobi Print using certified Mobi printers.

    Download our sample Mobi Print database HERE to see all our options to print from FileMaker

    Option 1: Print a encoded PDF with 1-click print button

    This uses encoded PDF data and sends the data to Mobi print.  Please see the article be Filemaker developer Colibri solutions–-demo/


    Option 2: Print via Save Records as PDF

    • Make a button on the user interface for a print button.
    • Make a new layout for your label/receipt design.
    • Make a new script under manage Scripts; call it PDF Print or your choice.

    1) Go to Layout [“PDF Print”]
    2) Set Error Capture [On]
    3) Print Setup [Restore; No dialog]
    4) Save Records as PDF [Restore; No dialog; “Untitled.pdf”; Automatically Open; Current record]
    5) Go to Layout [”Mobi Print”]

    Make sure under Page Setup you format the PDF based upon how you want Mobi Print to interpret it. If you want Mobi to auto resize it, set them for 8.5×11.

    Option 3: Print PDF by using “Open URL”

    • Design a print button on the UI interface (Image 1)
    • You can make the button open the URL to Mobi print calling your PDF filename


    • This will tell the button to open Mobi Print & send the PDF after the “file=”
    • Once in Mobi Print, you can select to auto print and auto return to application. You can enhance by placing this at the end of your URL:

    &("&x-source=fmp12&x-success=fmp://$/")& Get ( FileName )

    • Now click the button to auto send the PDF file to Mobi Print, it auto prints the PDF file, and then it auto returns you to wherever you want to go in Filemaker!

    Option 4: Print fields by passing through URL

    • Make a print button on user interface
    • Specify button setup to “Open URL”
    • Construct URL starting with this:

    ("Arrowhead://x-callback-url/print?") & ("&v1=")&

    • Final URL passing 2 variables to Mobi Print Number (changes you need to make in RED)

    Example: ("Arrowhead://x-callback-url/print?") &("&v1=")&Mobi Print::Name&("&v2=")&Mobi Print::Part Number


    Comments (13)

    • If we want to print a pdf with the option 1 or 2, we get only a print with confused letters and numbers.
      Do you have a troubleshooting. We use filemaker Go 13, ipad air, ipad2 and ipad mini and the mobile printer zebra iMZ220 2″.

    • proWW newMedia,
      Your printer is in the CPCL language. To print PDFs and images, you need to switch the language to ZPL. You can do so by going into Mobi Print > Printer Utilities > Printer Language. In Printer Language, select ZPL, then hit the Send button to the right of ZPL. Your iMZ’s light should blink twice.

    • I am using iPad with 7.1.1, bluetooth, and Zebra imz 320. Using Mobi Print I can in “Printer Setup” using the “Test” button get imz 320 to respond with a two line print out – if Printer Language = CPCL. If Printer Language = ZPZ or AutoL, no printing is performed, despite a printer sound. (Guess this is at it should be).

      But , I can not print the “test.pdf” at “” from Safari (iPad of course) using “Open-in Mobi-Print)”. The iPad switches to Mobi Print, displays the Print page and the imz 320 blinks for some few seconds with the blue light and ends with a printing sound – without printing any thing (with ZPL selected and verified by using the “Get” button). Trying the same with CPCL selected results in about 1 m output of continuously Hexidecimal text (I guess).

      The Print page has this information:
      Print: auto
      Auto return to source app: (circle is at right position in red field) with “Insert variables values”
      Number of copies: 1
      Printer setup: IMZ320
      Format selected: filemaker.zpl (Is this correct?)
      Resize graphics to fit on page: (circle is at left position in white field)
      Page size: 2″
      Invert PDF/image (ZPL only): (circle is at left position in white field)
      Cancel all prints: red x-button

      Please, inform me how I get imz320 to print PDF file with CPLC language enabled.

    • Which kind of Base64 coding does Zebra printer imz320 understand. In standard Base 64 chars for index 62 and 63 is respectively “+” and “/” and padding char is “=”. But if a padding char “=” is used in an URL to imz320, then the previous print job will be repeated, instead of the current print job. So obviously non-standard Base64 is used. Which form is used ( r.f.

      • If you have the ability, you can change the “=” to and underscore “_”. Our app will handle it when it receives the string better this way. Can you try with suggested above?


      • I would go into printer utilties and set the print language as ZPL instead of Auto.
        I would then click the send button on that same line.

        Report back, thanks

          • Cefe
          • September 22, 2014 at 9:01 pm

          Thanks for your quick answer but ZPL is already set as printer language 🙁

            • Brent
            • September 22, 2014 at 9:53 pm

            Please email me, did you make any changes to the Filemaker same database? We do not experience that issue you are having.

            I will be glad to walk through it with you.


              • Cefe
              • September 22, 2014 at 10:24 pm

              Ok Brent

              What’s your email?


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