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    [box_frame2 title=”When Will Mobi Print be Released?” width=”Specify width in pixels”]We have been in development of Mobi Print since late 2012.  Currently there are over 75 beta testers and we submitted our app to Apple for Review on September 1st.  We hope for a launch October 1st 2014.[/box_frame2]

    [box_frame2 title=”Do you offer volume discounts?” width=”Specify width in pixels”]Yes, please visit our Pricing Page to get details about Volume licensing. We can deploy Mobi print in a B2B environment that allows us to give price breaks while still getting all the support and released through the Apple app center.[/box_frame2]

    [box_frame2 title=”How can I test Mobi Print without purchasing it?” width=”Specify width in pixels”]Email our Dev team and we will send you a link via Testflight to join our Beta team.[/box_frame2]

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