Custom Print Format Guide (ZPL & CPCL)

  • Custom Print Format Guide (ZPL & CPCL)

    If you do not prefer to use PDF’s, then this guide is for you as you will want to select a pre formatted design already in Mobi Print, or design you own.

    1. Download Zebra Designer
    2. Download Sample .lbl File (if needed)
    3. Design your label format
    4. If you plan to use variable data either in Mobi Print or by sending data to mobi, use these placeholders to represent the variables [highlight1] _var_1_ [/highlight1] [highlight1] _var_2_[/highlight1] and so on as plain text on the label format. The number corresponds to the variable in the URL (v1=) or the Variable 1 field inside mobi print.


    Save .lbl file and email it to  Once the format is validated it will be placed on the Format Directory section of mobi print.


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