Configuring Zebra Wi-Fi Printers Outside of Network Enabling Label Printing

  • Configuring Zebra Wi-Fi Printers Outside of Network Enabling Label Printing

    This configuration guide allows Mobi Print to work with Zebra Wi-Fi Printers outside of a network by creating your own network between the iOS device and the Zebra Printer to enable label printing.

    Configuring the Zebra Printer:

    • When configuring wireless connectivity, give it a host name, ‘zebra’ will do in this example
    • Give it a static IP address, such as (Something nice & easy)
    • Give it the usual subnet
    • Gateway of
    • Give it a unique ESSID, ‘zebra’ again will do (Make sure each printer has something a little different)
    • Security mode: none
    • Go into Advanced Settings and change the operating mode to Ad-Hoc
    • Upload to printer

    Configuring the iOS Device:

    • Go into Settings, Wi-Fi
    • Choose a network… Other…
    • Give the name the same as the ESSID (i.e. ‘zebra’) and join
    • Once joined, go into the settings of the ‘zebra’ network
    • Choose Static Settings
    • IP address
    • Subnet
    • Router and DNS and Search domains all blank
    • After this, configure your software to use that IP address
    • Open Mobi Print, and select Printer Set Up
    • Add Printer manually, using the IP :
    • Test & Print!

    Comments (3)

    • Wow, this is really nice! There was a slight problem in the directions above. The IP Addresses need to be the same, the IP in the IOS section is but the IP in the Zebra Printer section is Once I made them the same, this worked great. I tested with the Mobi Print app, can’t wait to try it out with my app to see how it works.

      • rock
      • December 1, 2013 at 4:51 pm

      i do all steps above ,but when i join my iphone withe printer via wifi ,it said cont be join to zebra.
      plz help me.

        • Brent
        • December 1, 2013 at 7:35 pm

        Rock – Couple things.. what model zebra are you using..let me know the config number on the bottom of the printer. AS long as you have a wifi printer, you should be able to set it in adhoc mode, and it should appear under wifi settings on your ios device.

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