Configuration Guides / FAQ’s

Yes! With version 3.50 and higher we have added support out of the box for special characters.

Please see the following article explaining the options found here.

Labels can be printed in a variety of ways. (View our print methods for more information)

Mobi Print can store a sample format you want to use & you can add the dynamic data by a URL Pass or manual entry.
You can print from a FileMaker database, web app, or native app, by sending encoded ZPL, encoded CPCL, or using a stored format template.
You can use Open In or our iOS 8 extension to open a PDF and print to the label printer. Be sure to add label size in the Settings Size.

Please make sure to enable notifications for Mobi Print in the settings on your iOS device. After you have done this, place your email address in the settings page of Mobi Print. Once this step is completed, please email and provide your email address and transaction number from Apple or the amount of purchased prints. We will load your account within minutes of receiving.

Printers fully supported in all print methods

Zebra iMZ Series
Zebra Qln Series
Zebra ZQ Series
Zebra G-Series
Zebra ZT Series
Printers Partially Supported in select print methods

Citizen CMP20 / CMP30 (CPCL mode)
Stored Formats
Encoded Print

Honeywell Captuvo SL22/SL62
Infinite Periphials
Socket Mobile
Code Corp CR4405

Android Handhelds Certified

Motorola TC55
Janam XT1
Kindle (running wifi

Encoded PDF
Encoded ZPL/CPCL
Hosted PDF URL
Printing to Stored Format

The iOS 8 extension is included in versions 3.50 and higher. It must be enabled in the extensions settings by toggling on. Currently it can handle PDF’s only.

Currently we work with Zebra WiFi printers that are ZPL or CPCL. For Bluetooth printers, check for Mfi models that Zebra is starting to release. With Bluetooth, the iMZ series, QLn Series, and ZT series all have ios bluetooth models. Please make sure the config you order is the right one. I would suggest checking the devices page in our app which will take you to our partner Arrowhead to purchase the printer.

Click here for a list of Bluetooth iOS printers

Click here for a list of Wifi Printers

Base 64 Encoded PDF
Images (jpg, png, bmp)
Encoded ZPL
Encoded CPCL

This means your printer is in lineprint mode (CPCL). Please set your printer to ZPL. With printer attached and connected, open Printer Utilities, select Printer Language and select ZPL. Now from main screen with ZPL selected hit the orange “Send” button on that same row. You will see the printer blink a couple times. Your printer is not in ZPL mode. Happy PDF printing.

PDF format using “Open-In”
iOS 8 Action Extension in Safari
Images using “Open-in”

The best method for factory defaulting the printer is to click the button in Printer Utilities to Restore Defaults. This will reset all setting and even the network/bluetooth connection. To totally reset back to factory settings in its new condition, you also can send this command from Zebra setup utilities communication window or from the windows driver.