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CHANDLER, Ariz., May 5th, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Arrowhead Corp., a Chandler-based barcode and mobility solutions software and services provider, today announced exciting next-generation improvements to its best-in-class mobile print utility, MOBI PRINT PRO. The enhanced program is now available for both iOS and Android devices, making printing and print management easy no matter what your platform is.

MOBI PRINT PRO gives users the ability to print documents, PDF’s, images, or even direct command codes such as ZPL™, CPCL™ from almost any Android or iOS mobile device. The software utility allows variable data input which radically improves the business value of printing in a mobile or field environment. Pairing the needed printing device or data collection hardware (such as barcode scanners) is seamless, and MOBI PRINT PRO functions wirelessly with many brands of printers, including Zebra, Intermec and Star Micronics.


“With MOBI PRINT PRO we have built a solution that brings an exciting new capabilities to the world of mobile printing. Our wide variety of print methods allows the printing of invoices, labels and receipts with one-click.”

-Brent Grandil, President of Engineering and Technical Development.


“We have provided a solution that can integrate with many of the most popular printing devices in the AIDC world to help users, developers and manufacturers improve efficiencies. Tools like iOS Extension and Android Intent enable end users to print using their home application without the development headaches. MOBI PRINT PRO now leads the world in this high growth product niche.”


  -Robert Danahy, Vice President of Business Development


Along with additional printing device integration, most recently, the MOBI PRINT PRO development team has integrated data collection support into the mobile app, including:

  • Print Anywhere from most all iOS and Android devices – Easily print from FileMaker, iOS Apps, Safari, Chrome, & Mal.
  • PDF Printing – Open PDF’s from Mail, Safari, FileMaker or another application to print with added functionality and return to source app.
  • No Data Needed – Pair mobile device with a Bluetooth printer for field printing.
  • Recently added Global Support – With more than 190 countries using MOBI PRINT services.
  • Device Management – Tools that were once only available on PCs including, media type selections, print darkness, and more are now configurable with MOBI PRINT PRO.
  • User Friendly – With tools like the iOS Extension, Android Intent, & Auto-Print – easily print and stay within your app with no extra developmental work or hassle.
  • Enterprise Ready – Interfaces for system administrators and end-users allow complete control for corporate use with legacy systems.


MOBI PRINT PRO is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

About Arrowhead Resellers Corporation

Arrowhead Resellers Corporation is a successful product and services company with a respected and established brand, with over 25 years in the mobility printing and barcode solution industry. Additional information is available at www.mobiprintapp.com.


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